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Subplex, founded in 2023 | Modern Samples & Presets for Dubstep, Bass & EDM.

Who am I?

I'm Obsidia, and I've been producing Dubstep, Bass, EDM, Hard Dance and Hip Hop music since 2006. As Obsidia, my music has been streamed and viewed over 35 million times on YouTube as well as other platforms such as Soundcloud & Spotify.

Why did I start Subplex?

I understand that a seamless and efficient workflow is crucial for music producers. I deeply value the importance of saving your time and energy during the creative process. That's why I prioritize the speed of workflow in every aspect of my sample packs and presets. I not only ensure top-notch sound quality but also offer a streamlined user experience. Each sample and preset is carefully organized, labeled, and optimized, enabling you to quickly navigate through the sounds and effortlessly find the perfect elements for your music.